I Believe in Jesus

By John MacArthur

I Believe in Jesus (Leading Your Child to Christ), arrived at my home this month.

It happens that we are busy preparing for our new homeschooling year.

Paul and I usually tweak schedules, and create a list of goals and expectations we have for our family.

Always, our goal is to continue to teach faith to our children. We want them to know the stories of hte Bible. We want them to dig deep into God’s word. We want them understand the things they are being taught and how to use them in their lives.

We want them to be able to defend the faith.

This book from the Tommy Mommies program this month was interesting to me. I have found myself picking through the pages. John MacArthur has done a fantastic job explaining the very basics of faith.

Features of I Believe in Jesus:

  • Hardback
  • 32 full color pages
  • Bite-sized, easy to understand theology
  • Each page features a truth found in the Word of God (using simple language) and gives supporting scripture references

From the back of I Believe in Jesus:

“Help a Child You Love Start a Lifetime of Faith

It’s the most important thing we can share with the children in our lives: God’s amazing love and gift of salvation. But finding just the right words isn’t always easy.

In I Believe in Jesus, John MacArthur presents the timeless story of salvation- from creation to eternity- in words that children can understand. They’ll learn how much God loves them, what it means to be saved, and, when they are ready, how they can express faith in Jesus.

Share the gospel with a child using this beautiful picture book… and allow God to use you to change their lives forever!”

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