The Look and Tell Bible

This month I received a copy of The Look and Tell Bible from Tommy Nelson.

The title is a little misleading. This isn’t a Bible. This is a book of Bible stories that have been simplified for little ones.

I adore adding new board books to our collection. At various times through the day, it’s just helpful to have a basket of books to pull out to keep my little ones occupied while we are busy in other places in the house.

I like that the publisher is using pictures for words. It has been fun to work with my preschoolers and this book. They have helped to “read” the words as I read along with the story. It was a great introduction to associating pictures with words.

The illustrations are friendly and bright for little folks.

Features of The Look and Tell Bible:

  • Illustrated by Dawn Machell
  • The cover is detailed with shiny areas as well as some raised. Toddlers love to run their fingers across the cover of this book!
  • Rounded edges
  • Hardback, board book
  • Pages illustrated with traditional flat images, as well as those finished with a shiny surface. Really cute!
  • The illustrations are simple drawings that represent words in the story- this is a great book for children who are not of age to read since they can see the picture associated with each word and “help” you read the story
  • 11 stories in the book- each covered in a two page spread
  • 23 pages long

From the back of The Look and Tell Bible:

“A charming collection of Bible stories illustrated with key words to encourage children as they read.

Simple text and beautiful illustrations make these stories perfect for adults and children to enjoy together.”

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