Book Review: The Early Readers Bible

Paul and I buy our teens a study Bible, usually on their 13th birthday. It is a special gift from us with the prayer that they will use it in the years to come to stay in the Word, and close to the Lord.

Before that, they have a simple Bible they carry with them. I’ve tried several different versions, but I’ve not been this excited about a children’s Bible in a long time.

This month, Tommy Nelson sent me a copy of NKJV Early Readers Bible: New King James Version. I’ve had it for a few weeks now and find myself reading through it over and over. In fact, these past months, Paul has been covering the life of Abraham in our evening devotion time. As I was flipping through this Bible, I was able to find a chart listing the ages of all the patriarchs, an overview of the old testament world, the geography of Canaan, and Abraham’s family tree.

It’s hard to believe the information they have packed into this Bible!

I am planning to purchase one of these for each of my middle children. Benjamin has already claimed this one as his own. I’m excited to see his excitement as he opens his new Bible and begins to read! He’s asked day after day if I’m ready to turn it over to him. 🙂

Some additional features of this Bible:

  • Holographic cover (this is a pretty cool feature for kids!)
  • Large, readable type
  • Gift dedication page
  • Pages explaining salvation and a recording the details of their personal story of salvation
  • Page to record baptism details
  • A place to record Bible verses that are special to them
  • A records page for church events and achievements
  • An explanation/overview of the Bible
  • An explanation/overview of the old and new testaments
  • A breakdown of the old testament: books of the law, books of history, books of poetry, books of prophecy
  • A breakdown of the new testament: gospels, history of the church, the letters, book of prophecy
  • Explanation of authors of the Bible
  • Details on how the Bible came to be written
  • Information on how to study your Bible
  • How to have a personal devotional time
  • Bible verses that point to Christian character as well as a list of those God wants us to avoid
  • Ideas on how to study your Bible with family and friends
  • Where to find information on specific topics like the Holy Spirit, God, sin, angels, etc.
  • Bible timeline
  • Various reading plans (one year, three month, plans for reading through specific topics within a certain time frame)
  • Background of the KJV
  • Abbreviations for each book name and an alphabetical listing
  • “Good to Explore” sections- these are particularly interesting to me! They give a great deal of background on particular subjects
  • Prayer journal
  • Verses to use in your prayer life
  • Pronunciation guide
  • Suggested verses to memorize
  • How to pray for folks you know and how to ask them to pray for you

This is a pretty great Bible! I would love to share one with one of you!!
(US residents only, please.)

I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for my review. I was not required to give a positive review.

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