February 23, 2015

Tracy / February 23, 2015

I guess our most recent “big” news is that Jonathan got his pins taken out last week.

I could not imagine having pins taken out of a bone. I don’t want to even think about how that must feel.

I gave him Motrin about an hour before his appointment. He took his stuffed animal and we left for our local Children’s Hospital.

It’s amazing. They don’t even sedate them for this procedure. They literally cut his cast off and pulled them out. He was very brave (as he was when he was first injured!) and sat still for them to come out. He was thrilled to bring them home to show his siblings and friends. Boys. 🙂

We were told his bone is healing well. They didn’t feel the need for a new cast, but did caution us that a fall of some sort could mean bad news for his healing arm.

Please keep him in your prayers these next few weeks, as his arm continues to heal.

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