Toddler Activity Ideas

Tracy / January 14, 2015

I’ve been working on an indoor activity list for our toddlers. This is used during the day when we are working on school assignments or cleaning house.

I thought I would share in case it is useful to someone else! (This is the link to a printable version.) We’ve laminated this list to the front of our fridge with contact paper (I love contact paper!).

The activity boxes are mostly stored in a closet we keep locked. If one activity is used, all the pieces must be placed away back in the closet neatly before another can be pulled out to play.

Do you have other ideas for keeping your little ones occupied with something other than television?

We normally fill our days with lots of outside playtime but these cold and dreary days aren’t making that easy!

Toddler Table Ideas

Army Men
Magnetic Dolls
Coloring Books and Crayons
Lacing Cards
Board Books
Duplo Blocks
Mr. Potato Head

Toddler Activity Ideas

Outside on Porch
Outside in Play Area
Playtime in Playhouse
Kitchen Set
Cars in Basement

5 thoughts on “Toddler Activity Ideas

  1. Mr. A LOVES to “play” Connect 4. It is his absolute favorite thing to do right now. Something about watching the checker pieces fall into the slots and then sliding the tray over to allow them to fall. He really loves it. If you put down a felt piece or a kitchen towel or something, it keeps it from being so loud and keeps the pieces from rolling as bad.

    You can also get popcicle sticks and glue velcro dots to the ends. Or for a cheaper and different version, some cheap hair rollers that are the velcro style ones. They apparently make fun building toys.

    He also loves Thingamajigs.

    I’m planning on making one of these things I saw on pinterest, where you take a pill box (one of the big ones that has 21-28 little doors) and paint the insides with assorted colors. Then take the same colored puff balls or something similar for them to put into the right color. Whether or not they are old enough to match the colors, something about opening and closing those doors and putting stuff inside seems to be a big hit.

  2. Such great posts! Wish I could always comment on every one! You know I always gots something to say…

    Anyhoos – when I was teaching, I did “centers” in order to give every child a little individual time. Are you familiar with this concept? It’s probably a known thing in the big fam world, I don’t know. I would think it would be pretty beneficial in big fams, theoretically speaking:)
    So, just in case – there’s 3 or 4 activities and everyone rotates around them. For little ones I would clip colored clothespins on them to help them learn where and with whom they are supposed to be.

  3. Jennifer, I did centers when I was working daycare. Can you give me some good ideas for centers for the littles?? I remember home living and blocks. I have not set this system up for my children but that is EXACTLY what I am trying to do now. It think it would make my life much easier during the day and give them an outlet for creativity and energy!

  4. Brandy, I can totally see one of my toddlers loving Connect 4! I’ll have to try that with Jackson.
    What is a Thingamajigs? I’m not at all familiar with that one….

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