It’s been a while since I posted anything about our latest home projects. This one has been fun and we are so happy with the results!

We have so needed new tables. We were using folding tables from Walmart- four of them seated everyone, and my mom.
Of course, I dreamed of new tables (have you seen the tables at World Market??). I finally asked Paul about building our family new tables. He chuckled and then realized I was serious.

Pre-built tables are incredibly expensive and still wouldn’t seat enough folks for our needs. I think we would need three of the largest tables we’ve seen.

It’s a long story, but we ended up with some wrought iron pedestals.

Paul and the older boys worked a few days to build the two 10 foot tops. (They are so heavy it took the family from Benjamin, up to Courtney– and including Paul, to move them into the dining room.)

Courtney, Jess and I stained and coated them with polyurethane.
(…may I add I’m glad those fumes are finally fading!)

They seat 18 folks…anyone want to come for dinner???

We had also priced chairs. We chose some we liked, and thought would be sturdy. One day when I was in a local thrift store, I realized we could buy round back chairs for about $6/chair. Add some spray paint, and now we have matching chairs. (For those of you riding by our house wondering why you always see chairs and spray paint in the front yard, now you know! :D)

I still need to buy one additional wooden highchair for Jackson.

I decided to assign seating at our table so all of the littles could have a bigger buddy to sit with them. This also allows me to see who needs some additional training on cleaning up their plates after meals.

For around $20, I picked up clear, heavy vinyl from Walmart….two 12 foot pieces. It worked great to cover our new tables but allow us to see the beautiful wood underneath.

After a few meals, I realized I could add a name for each place and also have a prayer reminder card and maps. My mind is going wild with ideas for adding all sorts of things in the coming months….

Now, when we sit for meals, the children can track travels or favorite friends around the world. Each night, I’ve been giving the children some location to find…they race to see who can find it first!

OK…so I think I need a lazy susan on each table. I’m also wanting to add place mats and maybe a centerpiece of some sort- what do you folks think??

With my love,

4 thoughts on “Tables

  1. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! I’m so glad you are pleased with it! You all did such a good job. If you want the scoop on lazy susan’s we can talk! Thanks for posting the pictures!

  2. I LOVE IT! It is very similar to our table & chairs (dark stain table w/black colonial chairs) but not nearly as big! Our table seats 8, but but when we add the company boards, we can seat 12. We also have a basket in the center that holds a Bible, Our Daily Bread, Samaritan Ministries prayer list, Compassion kids’ picture/prayer card, Training Hearts Teaching Minds and Then Sings My Soul.

    Save me a seat, because I’m coming for a meal!

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