Life is Changing….

When did I think that life would slow down as my children aged?

In many more ways, life has just become so much busier, and much more complicated. Having older children means their lives are also becoming more complicated.

It’s not a sad time, (well, seeing your babies growing up is a little sad)…it’s just different.

This last week, we rejoiced with Courtney and Joshua as they walked out of the DMV with a driver’s license.

They’ve been pretty much driving me everywhere this past several months, and we knew it was time.

They wanted the freedom to come to the hospital when our new little addition makes her appearance without waiting for a ride, so they set their own deadline.

Joshua has worked for more than a year to purchase a car. We finally found one that though older, (and needing a paint job! –a quick trip to a local junk yard and an Amazon purchase landed us the replacement light covers he needed), seems to be in really great shape. He’s wanted to use it for traveling to and from his job. Can you tell he’s just a little happy??

So, as of this week, they are both on the road. Courtney has been running little errands for me, and Joshua was finally able to drive himself to and from his job.

It’s tough to wonder if they will be O.K. ….I know so many of you understand this feeling.

I’m trying to be at peace with so much change at once. It’s not the easiest thing. Wouldn’t you know, it’s not enough to have his permit, Jacob is counting minutes until we set him out on the road. 😀
I’m thinking life will never be the same.

God is so good. I’m thankful for His timing, and especially for this season of life. I feel like I’m growing and learning as much as my dear children.

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