Mama’s Memory Wreath

Tracy / January 8, 2015

I’m not sure why I’m sharing this other than that I’ve been missing my mom lately.

This is a wreath that hangs in my hall just outside of my bedroom. I’ve made memory wreaths for people in the past- this one was so hard for me.

When I’ve been asked to make them before, I usually will visit a grave and gather flowers within a few hours of the funeral to begin the preservation process. I just couldn’t make myself go- it took me a few days to go back and gather the flowers.

I added the tag I had embroidered for her Christmas gift many years ago. I had used it
on her casket with the sunflowers we had purchased.

*sigh* This has been such a hard season of life. It still all seems so surreal.
She was a good mama. She was strong, even at her weakest. She didn’t always take the easy road but rather, she weighed out the cost and benefit and made the hard decisions.

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