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Tracy / August 19, 2013

Someone recently told me our home is beginning to remind them of the movie, Money Pit. (Not in a bad way, just that one project is leading to another…)

When we decided to have our roof done, the roofer told us if we were going to have siding placed on the home, it would be less expensive to install it on the gables while he was installing the roof.

We had planned to have the siding done so we decided to go ahead.

Paul and I realized if the gables were sided for some time before the rest of the house, they might fade unevenly. We decided to go ahead and have the rest of the house sided (which is actually still in progress- right now, we have one side of our home yellow and the other three blue, *smile* It looks like typical Lambert style…something always in progress! :D).

In the meantime, we had what can only be described as torrential rainstorms. We learned very quickly that metal roofing MUST have gutters
(which the house also did not have). Because there is no friction from shingles as it rains, the rain pours of the roof in SHEETS. We were soaked. It looked like some kind of water park ride. So, we had gutters installed.

Next, the contractor doing our siding told us if we were going to have footers poured and blocking done to the bottom half of the house, now would be the time. This would allow him to finish the siding down to the blocks. We can eventually have a facade added to match the feel of the rocked retaining walls already here. I think it will be nice!

The Lord has been so good to us through these projects. When we first started saving for our roof, we were told the cost would be around $30,000 for a metal roof. We happened to mention to the the mechanic we love we were looking for roofing estimates and he mentioned his brother. He has allowed us to buy all of our materials at his cost. He also charged us so little for the labor that we had enough to pay for the roof and the siding.

The blocking and footers have been costly but because they have been broken down into separate projects, we have been able to pay for each thing as it’s done. Next, we want to have a concrete slab poured so that basement space will be more useful!

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  1. We are so SO happy for you guys! Brandon and I drove that way yesterday and we both commented on how good your house looks! I wanted to text you and tell you, but of course – no phone service…grrrrrr.

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