Lots of Work on Hope Chests….

Tracy / February 3, 2013

January found me making plans to add some specific items to my older 5 children’s hope chests (if you can call them that…they are, in reality, really big Rubbermaid boxes).

Here are some quick picks on my progress:

A thrifted find…one of the books on my list of “must-have’s” for each of the girls.

For Courtney’s box…a fleece blanket

A dishcloth still on needles…I’ve already finished a few. I would like to have 10 for each child before the end of 2013.

A knit blanket- Courtney chose red (which just makes me smile!). Because we were unable to find larger cable knitting needles designed to hold the weight and bulk of this project, Jacob created a special set of cable needles for me out of store bought larger needles and fish tubing.

I have many projects in mind for this year…now to get my hands on fabric!

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