one thousand gifts

101.  playtime with “Jacksie” in the floor this afternoon…he’s learning and growing by the day!
102.  excellent thrifted find this week…a big, poofy, pink skirt for a certain 4 year old who likes to play dress-up
103.  my dearest returning home after a business trip
104.  listening to older girls picking on each other and giggling in the distance of our home
105.  little boys *always* willing to help their mama with her latest project
106.  bigger boys *always* willing to help their mama with her latest project…even when that means they are outside with me at 10 pm hanging ferns on the porch.  🙂
107.  silk flowers for my hair
108.  sounds of Jacob’s aquarium gurgling from his room
109.  the opportunity to share the Lord’s kindness to us with a complete stranger this morning
110.  fellowship this coming week…my how I love these women and their families.  It will be a wonderful thing to see each of them (and we’re already missing a few).

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