one thousand gifts

The best, most absolute way to fight depression is to learn to be thankful.

Show me someone who is in bed all the time feeling sorry for themselves- show me someone who thinks the world is falling apart around them- show me someone who feels like their life is horrible….I’ll show you someone who doesn’t know how to say thank you.

My days this year have been filled with such sorrow. I know if I can
find reasons to be happy and thankful- you can, too! It’s amazing how much better you begin to feel…you begin to notice just how much beauty God has given us. He truly has given us gifts each and every day.

81. the way *he* slips his hand back to hold mine each and every time he prays
82. fellowship with my church family on a Sunday afternoon
83. opportunities to minister to others with meals and little gifts
84. writing letters to sweet friends
85. braided hair
86. the soft sounds of my youngest sleeping just next to me
87. a seventeen year old and his cowboy hat….one day, he’s going to make a young woman’s heart feel like it’s leaping from her chest
88. watching Jon copy verses from his Bible this morning- he wanted to take notes from the sermon
89. sweet little girls twirling as they play (I do remember that feeling….)
90. weigh lost- here’s hoping it doesn’t find me again! *smile*

Are you counting your gifts with me?

Courtney has started…you can read her list on her blog, here.

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