And She’s Finished

Tracy / February 10, 2013

Amazing, isn’t it, how different children can be?

Two summers ago, Paul was traveling for nearly two months (and Josh was gone too). Benjamin, decided he wanted to finish his phonics book- start to finish, to surprise his papa when he arrived back home. He worked hard that summer, sometimes doing four or five lessons a day! He did finish and was so proud to tell Paul when he returned home.

Then there is Emma. Emma likes to work at a more relaxed pace. I’ve always encouraged the children to try for at least two lessons per day. Most have gotten discouraged by the size of the book and this helped speed the process along, just a bit.

Not Emma.

Emma, likes to do one lesson a day. She’s been in no hurry. Even down to the last five lessons I would ask, “don’t you want to do just one more? Look how close we are??”. I’ve been ready to go on to the next book with her, but she needed to finish this book first.

Today, I decided to go for it. With only two lessons remaining (yes on Saturday!), we sat and I pushed her along.

**Bliss** We have arrived. We finished the book. She’s proud, and I’m glad to have finished with another of my little ones. This now makes eight children to have used this book.

Now on to bigger reading with her!

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