October 21, 2011

Tracy / October 21, 2011

My, my how things change.

We have been knee deep in projects around our home.

Joshua’s job requires him to have his own office– that meant we needed to add space for this room. Though we were planning on changing our floor-plan at some point in the future, this definitely moved the date up a bit.

So, here’s the most current work:

We moved the dining room to the family room, and the family room to the dining room.

Now, we have a great view of our lake from the dining room, and I can sit and watch the children, out the window of our family room when I’m nursing the baby or working on a sewing project.

We also have this great new hole in the wall!

This will be the door to the pantry that will be built in the coming weeks. I’m so excited to have our food more organized.

Funny, one of our cats has not yet learned that the sofa no longer sits on the other side of this hole. She keeps jumping through it expecting to land on the sofa and instead goes flying through the air. Poor cat.

Jessica and Matthew (with Timothy’s help), have been taking over breakfast for the family. I’m not sure this is a good thing. I thought I had a little more to teach Jess before I was ready to turn her out into the kitchen. She convinced me she was ready.

W. O. W. This girl can cook!

On day 1, we had blueberry muffins and bacon that were absolutely delicious!

Day 2 brought french toast….

Day 3 (today), was cinnamon rolls…..

I’m not sure this is going to be so good for my attempts at weight loss. How do you say no to this?

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