Baby Schedules and Organization….

Tracy / September 27, 2011

One of the biggest reasons I have always loved blogging are the helpful tips I’m always finding on the internet.

Women share some of the best ideas and tutorials….I think they help me be a better mom and wife in my own home. I’m always finding an idea, or the how-to’s for a project I know would be a good fit for my family.

All that to say, when I find a good idea, I want to share!! I’ve really missed that part of blogging for the last couple of years…..

The EASY schedule for babies has been one of my favorite finds. It’s from the Baby Whisperer.

We’re trying the 1-4 month schedule on Darby and she is one happy little baby!

I’m wondering these days if all of my littles were just sleep deprived at this young age. She does sleep a lot on this schedule, but she is also the happiest baby we’ve had. (Did I mention, after her dream feed she sleeps ALL night — and has since she was only a few weeks old??)

If you are finding yourself looking to try something new with your little one, this is one is a winner!

You can view and print Darby’s EASY schedule HERE.

We keep it posted on our family bulletin board, on the fridge, and in my room where she sleeps.

Every one in the family is learning her schedule and is mindful to make sure she stays on it– a rested baby, is a happy baby!

Another thing we’re trying is a new diaper bag packing list, HERE).

Gone are the days of arriving to church to realize there is no sippy for Meredith, or only one diaper packed for Darby. This happens all too often when I send an older child to pack the bag (and I forget sometimes myself), and they don’t always remember everything that needs to be packed.

We printed it off, and used some scrapbooking paper to make it match the diaper bag.

Then I used these laminating pouches I found at Walmart to protect the list. I punched a hole and hung it with a keyring on the inside of my diaper bag.

I hope having it all printed out will avoid missing items on Sunday morning for my family!

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