Happy Birthday, Timothy!!

Tracy / February 21, 2014

And he’s 12!!!

The Lord knew I needed an easy child the year he gave Timothy to me!

His birthday is 02-20-02. 😀

He is the most easy-going, wonderful little guy. Joyful, almost always.

My pregnancy with him was not so easy. In fact, after two miscarriages, and my pregnancy being threatened with yet another, I really wasn’t at all sure we would keep this boy.

The Lord had other plans.

He is also my only child born weeks before my due date- he was ounces over being termed a “preemie”.

Even with the difficult start, he has grown and been such a blessing in our home!

This birthday (like all the others!), finds me feeling grateful for his life! I’m thankful the Lord would bless our home with him.

He keeps us laughing each and every day.

My sweet, Timothy.

Pictures from his special day:

Paul left for New Jersey before Timothy woke for the day.

We celebrated his birthday (partially), yesterday with a cookie cake. Today, he received phone calls from his papa on and off through the day. He told Timothy which gifts to open at what time. He also was on speaker phone to sing to the birthday boy.

Tonight, he’s enjoying his very first camera and playing with LEGOS.

I’m grateful for happy moments in life. I’m thankful for these children. I’m thankful for my home and good memories.

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