Visiting with my grandmother is not something I get to do very often. She lives almost two hours from my home.

I’m always grateful when Mom, or Paul have some time for me to make the trip with them.

Watching someone you love so much age, can be difficult. Grandmother struggles with confusion quite a bit these days. She laughs and we chat about family and friends, but I can tell, she has a hard time remembering little things that used to be so much a part of her life.

Growing up, I spent a good deal of time with her. If I wasn’t visiting, I was on the phone quite often. She was just fun, ……and comforting. I guess that’s how grandmother’s are, aren’t they?

I know life never stands still- not even for a moment. My own children remind me of how quickly time is passing- but, so does my grandmother.

She is a beautiful person. She has always been steady as a rock, strong and reliable as she cared for her own mother, and others around her.

I’m thankful for the memories I have of her and with her, the moments with her I have now, and the parts of her I see in my own mother.

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