Today’s “To-Do” List….

Tracy / February 22, 2011


We finished most of our chores yesterday, as well as the “extras” I wanted to see done.

Today, we’re working on yet another list. I’m so ready to see some projects done here, but first we have to tidy everything up in our home.

For today, I’m focusing on the following:

Tutoring Jessica and Jacob on cooking breakfast for the family
Clean off the attic steps
Dust/Polish/Vacuum house
Work on Emma’s dresses
(If I have time), work on Darby’s slips
Totally clean on, around and under my desk
Straighten tool closet
Order garden seeds for spring
Visit an elderly neighbor
Clean apartment kitchen bathroom
Clean another section of basement
Straighten, sweep front porch
Clean under little boys’ beds and vacuum, dust and straighten their shelves
Wash LR woodwork, door, and clean glass
Make a trip to drop off items at thrift store
Clean blinds in library
Plant additional vegetables
Post another month of archives on blog
Cut down dogwood tree in side yard
Cut broken limb off front dogwood tree
Have Matthew clean his portion of big boy’s bedroom
Wash sheets in the littles’ room
Clean under my bathroom sink
Wipe down food buckets
Fix curtains hanging in office
Look for missing pieces to bird feeder outside
Spray paint blades to the family room ceiling fan
Garden to be watered
Paint inside of cabinet above sink
Fold and place away laundry
Add dirt to herb bed
Move pansy to hanging basket

Left from yesterday:

Mail letters (they are written, just need to be placed in the mail)
Finish paint touch-up in LR
Straighten house for Paul’s arrival today
Finish cleaning the laundry room

Paul will be home from a trip today. Hopefully, we’ll have made progress by his arrival!!

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