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Tracy / September 29, 2010

…another day….

First, thank you to so many for prayers, and notes of encouragement and support.

Yesterday, when I thought things couldn’t possibly get worse, they did. It happens that way sometimes.

I struggle in many areas but there are a few that have been tough for me lately. I think things will never be the same in my life…and that scares me just a little.

What if you don’t see how anything could work out and be O.K.? Do you trust God when He leads in a direction you can’t understand?

There have been a few situations in recent months where I couldn’t possibly see a good ending. You know, I realize if I had done my very best to weave a good ending, it wouldn’t have been as good as when I just trusted God– He controls it all anyway.

Things may never fall back into place the way they were. Like a favorite pair of slippers, sometimes what we are used to just gets comfortable. I guess I was just used to what was and now I will have to get used to .

I realized this morning, if I dwell on what I can not change, I only hurt my immediate family– the one true ministry God has given me during this season of my life.

The days ahead do not promise to be easy…but this morning, I have a sense of peace I have not had in many days. Please pray for me, if I come to mind. I’m still a growing Christian here…with still so much to learn. The Lord is pruning…I guess growth is never easy.

I’ve been blessed…my husband is an amazing man! He always knows how to minister to me at my very lowest moments.

My dear children and my sweet Mom are such a comfort– I don’t know if any of them realize what a blessing they are to me.

..and my dear Great-Aunt. She sent me a card that happened to arrive when I needed it *the very most*. I think God sends us hugs in the most unexpected ways.

My dear friends (you special ladies know who you are), who give such Godly advice– not all “what I want to hear”, but so much more “what I need to hear”.

Kat, I can’t forget to thank you… you pretty much affirmed everything my dear husband said to me. I know God placed you in the right place at the *very* right time. Thank you, my dear friend.

Thank you again ladies….I’m stepping back to real life now.

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