WFMW- Soap Saver

Tracy / September 8, 2010

Time for another installment of Works For Me Wednesday!

For this week’s tip, I’m sharing how I make hubby’s soap last longer.

He is an Irish Spring man. Honestly, I love the way it smells, but it is on the pricey side.

When we were in our mobile home, I was constantly having to find ways to save space. I found that I could open his soap and place it in the side of his dresser drawers.

This would make his clothes smell SOOO good, but the unexpected benefit was the soap would dry more than if it just came out of the box. I came to realize that after it sat exposed to the air, it would last MUCH longer in the shower.

It Works For Me, maybe it will work for you, too!

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1 thought on “WFMW- Soap Saver

  1. Great tip! A way to make the soap last longer once it’s in the shower is to hang it in a mesh bag–either the kind that onions and things sometimes come in, or an old scrubby puff (instructions in 3rd paragraph here)–so that it can dry after use instead of dissolving into goo you have to scrub out of the soap dish. It also makes a nice lather really quickly that way, and I think I use less soap as a result.

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