The Lingering Quilt…

Tracy / September 5, 2010

Fall is on the horizon!

I’m already being asked when I’m starting back on the Eye-Spy quilt. (Matthew was the first this year!)

In case, you haven’t visited with me here before, you may not realize this is my on-going project. I finally stopped telling them I would finish soon, and just started telling them it was a project for our future Grandchildren, *smile*!

Needless to say, that didn’t go over too well.

I’m thinking if I can quilt a hexagon a day, maybe I can finish *at some point* (just to give you an idea, there are 270 hexagons in the quilt).

Josie is already making herself at home…

I’ve finished about 1/4 of it thus far….of course, that’s not saying too much since I started it in the year 2000!

Notice the “2000” M&M logo…sad, I know.

2 thoughts on “The Lingering Quilt…

  1. My mom started a quilt for me before I got married (20 years ago.) It was years later before she finished it. It got to be a joke between my husband and her. I am so grateful for that quilt now even more because my mom’s hands are crippled with gout and she can no longer quilt (or do much of anything.) I am grateful that she passed the love of sewing on to McKenzie. McKenzie is on her third quilt right now. The talent somehow skipped me! :>)
    This quilt you are making looks like fun. Just think of the stories your children will tell your grandchildren of how long it took their mama to finish it! :>)

    1. Thank you, Marcy! I know there will be good memories for the kiddos…I just wish I could finish it, LOL! I didn’t know McKenzie quilted! Three quilts is a lot for someone her age. That’s great! She’s creating heirlooms. I wish I had started earlier.

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