Pics of the Garden

So much of our time has been spent inside, but we have managed a minute here or there to begin establishing our garden.

We had a few existing fruit trees when we moved in, but since, we’ve planted 14 more, 4 blueberries and have started the task of building and planting square foot beds.

random chick (well, not quite a chick anymore!)

Eggplant- obviously being munched by some little critter..but growing, just the same!

My favorite this year- acorn squash.

Another random chick…

The turkeys are much fun to watch…they are like little pets.

New square foot beds Joshua and Paul built

The arbor Joshua has been building along with our raspberry and blackberry trellis

Muscadines growing up the arbor walls- we transplanted them from other parts of the yard where they grow wild.

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