Wild Adventures 2

Tracy / October 6, 2006

It’s Frugal Friday, hosted by Biblical Womanhood. My tip for today is (I don’t know, maybe this one makes me just “cheap”, LOL!) that I repackage cheaper shampoos into my “children’s” themed shampoo bottle! They think that they are getting pampered with the cute little fishy shampoo…the never realize that I just keep refilling the bottle! (Let’s just keep that…

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Fruit Basket

Tracy / October 5, 2006

When Mom called yesterday, she mentioned that she had some fruit that she would like to send to us….I had no idea it would be this! She was at the post office yesterday when she heard an announcement that they were having a give-a-way…..of course she won, she always wins! I remember the year that Coca Cola had the win…

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Zebra Puppet

Tracy / October 4, 2006

It’s “Works For Me Wednesday” hosted by Rocks In My Dryer. Today, my tip is to unclog a hairspray nozzle with alcohol! Sometimes water just doesn’t cut through. It’s a quick tip, I know, but it works for me!! I’m happy to report this morning that as of yesterday, I am cavity free! I absolutely hate dentistry so this was…

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Tracy / October 3, 2006

Good morning! I hope that your day has started out well and you are accomplishing all that you have set out to finish today. We actually started our day a little later than usual. Our day yesterday and night, last night was filled (to overflowing) by a broken dishwasher and then a broken pipe under the sink. I’m so thankful…

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Rice Socks

Tracy / October 2, 2006

Did I mention fall last week? Apparently, I was mistaken! It’s supposed to be in the 90’s this week! This, just as I have gotten all of our winter clothing out and am in the process of packing our summer things! *Sigh* Oh well, it will come soon enough, I guess! Today, we’re getting to our rice sock project! I…

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