Book Review: I Can Learn to Pray

Do you find yourself praying through the day? I have noticed it is a habit I have formed in recent years.

I’ve also tried to start making it a habit to pray immediately with my children when they come to me with a problem. I want to make sure they know that the first place we should turn when we are having troubles, or even when we are just thankful is straight to the Lord.

Part of my book shipment from Tommy Nelson this month was “I Can Learn to Pray”.

I was excited to receive this book since it gave me such an opportunity to share some simple ideas for prayer life with my children.

We are on week 3 now. It happens that the Lord is already using this book in my life and the life of my children.

At the time of this writing, I am 10 days overdue with my 14th baby. In classic Lambert style, he is taking his time arriving to the outside world.

I have tried to fill my days will lots of things to help prepare for the baby. We’ve cleaned, cooked, sewn and gardened.

I also wanted to have all our doctor and dental visits done so we would have none lingering while we had a new baby.

Yesterday didn’t start so well.

We arrived at the dentist to be told we were 30 minutes late. We were actually early according to my planner and to the reminder email we had gotten from the dentist. The office staff was not terribly happy and I did later send them a copy of the reminder email
so they would know we weren’t actually late.

When we first arrived, they weren’t sure they could fit everyone in that morning but as they worked through the children (who were incredibly cooperative yesterday), they made the time. In the end, we had NO cavities and were complimented on their dental hygiene (which actually shocked me since I feel like I have to remind them all day to take care of their teeth sometimes, lol!). We did have one child who needed sealants and one
Who had permanent teeth come in too close a baby tooth so she needed that one pulled.

Normally, they would make us reschedule visits like those but again, they worked with us and finished both procedures in a short amount of time.

On the way home, our car “check engine” light came on.

I was wondering if I was going to make it home without having to pull over, thankfully, nothing was over-heating. I drove straight to our mechanic who told me he would look at
it, but felt like it wasn’t going to be a big deal, at all.

When I arrived home, I phoned the pediatrician’s office. Again normally, we would be waiting a day or two to be seen (Owen had been telling me one of his ears hurt), but this time they were able to fit us in within the next couple of hours. When we arrived, there was very little wait and we were seen immediately.

It turns out, Owen had balled up a piece of paper and stuffed it in his ear. It had gotten pretty infected.

The pediatrician was able to get it out in just a minute or two and we picked up his antibiotic on the way home.

The biggest thing that happened was that Paul had received a phone call from his job earlier in the day telling him that because of rain, the trip he has been on was going to be delayed a day which would have him working on our baby birth day. I was so upset.

He phoned them and explained that was just not going to work. To date, they’ve not been so easy to work with on things like this and have cancelled his scheduled vacation before so we were surprised when they said they would work it out.

I was already upset since I had a rather important doctor appointment this week that he was going to have to miss.

I had been praying about the entire situation and trying not to worry.

In the end, the company decided that since he was going to miss the game day he was scheduled to work, there was no reason to keep him in that city any longer. As I type, he is flying home and will make it just in time for the doctor appointment I had for today.

That is how God works!

So, last night, I opened our copy of “I Can Learn to Pray”. It happened that entry was on being thankful. Just perfect for the day we had!

I’m really looking forward to continuing to work through the book with my family.

Some basic features of this book:

  • 52 Devotions about talking to God
  • Dedication page suitable for gifting
  • Weeks broken into categories such as “Help!” Prayers, How to Listen, “I’m Sorry!” Prayers

From the back of the book:

“The more we talk with God in prayer-bringing Him thanks, praise, joys, hurts, confessions, and requests- the stronger our faith becomes. We’re not always sure how to pray…but Jesus says that prayer is something to be learned. And what better time to learn how to pray than during childhood, when hurts that will last a lifetime are formed?

This fifty-two-week experience is a terrific guide for families to understand prayer. From “Wow!” and “Thank You” prayers to “I’m sorry” and “Help” prayers, children will learn what it means to draw near to God and to be changed by Him. Holly Hawkins Shivers, a mother gifted at connecting with kids, makes every discussion engaging and relatable, and helps young believers grow leaps and bounds in their faith.

Give your child a gift that will stay with them forever- the power of prayer.”

Would you like to receive a copy of this book? Leave me a comment and tell me what kind of devotionals you are reading with your children! Also, be sure to fill in the Rafflecopter form. I hope you win!

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