Matthew’s Braces

I know everyone thinks there doctor is the best, but truly our orthodontist is *THE BEST*. 😀

We first met Dr. Whitehead when Benjamin was only 4 years old. He was having speech therapy and it was suggested that he might need a dental appliance to re-shape the roof of his mouth making it easier for him to make the correct sounds when he was speaking.

Some trusted friends (they have suggested other doctors in the past), suggested that we see her. Walking into her office, the first thing I noticed was on the wall and read, “we work like we are working unto the Lord”. I knew I was in the right place!

Benjamin adored going to her office. All of the office ladies would make a fuss over him. She created a custom appliance that did help reshape his mouth and improve his speech.

Years later, when two of our boys needed braces, she is the only orthodontist I was willing to consider. Braces are a lot of work but can mean a tremendous amount of work when you are going back and forth to have repair work done.

Braces can be quite painful, so I was hoping for someone that would make my children as comfortable as possible, and would provide long-term care after the braces came off (I’ve heard of many stories where the teeth all shifted back out of place once they were removed).

There is quite a lot to be considered when a child has braces. If the movements are made too quickly, this can also cause considerable dental issues- I was glad with her “slow and steady” care plan.

Matthew was our first child to have braces. His teeth were very crowded, one was completely laying flat in his mouth because there was just not enough room. I couldn’t imagine how she would ever line them all up- but she assured us she could.

Two years ago, we had family photos made with a professional photographer. Though I think Matthew is very handsome, I knew he was self-conscious about his smile. He made some comments about not liking his photos because of his teeth. I know that feeling. I also know the dental issues I’ve had over the years related to not having had braces as a child. I wanted something different for him.

I knew we had done the right thing within six months. Many of Matt’s alignment issues were already beginning to resolve themselves and at some point, he came and told me thank you for having them done for him. That made me happy.

Matthew did his two years and had them taken off recently. His teeth are perfect. I know he won’t suffer with the pain I’ve experienced with my crowded teeth. He’s smiling a whole lot.

What does the orthodontist give him as a parting gift? A gift bag full of all the candy he wasn’t allowed to have while he was wearing his braces, of course!

Matt also was named “patient of the month” and will be featured in a local city magazine!

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