Today, In Our Home

Tracy / September 11, 2014

The end of summer is almost within reach.

There was a breeze blowing outside earlier. Don’t get too excited. It was still 91^ out today. The calendar says it’s September. We’re thrilled to know cooler temperatures are just around the corner.

The plants on my porch are looking droopy. They usually look ok until the temperatures start reaching the 90’s. They don’t like the heat anymore than my family!

I’ve actually been enjoying the heat just a little. (Shhh….don’t tell my family. Especially,Jacob. He’ll never understand!) I’ve been soaking in the Vit.D. It gives me a chance to sit in the quiet. Sometimes, I read and sometimes I just nap.

Zoe, will come and sit by me sometimes. I feel a little lazy just sitting there, but it’s so beautiful. I so often want to just stay a little longer.

It’s been a blessing to have that time each day this summer.

This has been a good summer. There hasn’t been anything huge happening. I think I’ve just enjoyed the normal rhythm of life. Each day has been full of watching my kiddos. They are constantly growing and changing. I love to sit and just watch, or listen.

This afternoon, Emma, Timothy and Benjamin are in charge of cooking dinner. It’s not a complicated meal. I started beans in the crockpot earlier. They are roasting smoked sausage and vegetables. It’s hard to believe they are old enough to be cooking. It seems like only yesterday, I was posting that baby Emma had a cold. Now, she cuts vegetables and talks on the phone with sweet friends.

Miss Emma many years ago….


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