Mother’s Day 2014

YES! They were all home.

I was in my p.j.’s, feeding Owen and in walked Joshua. It made my day.

It was this time last year, that my mama passed. That thought never leaves me now. I thought of her in heaven. I do wish she could see my family all together, but I know she would never want to come back to this world now that she is with the Lord. There were some tears. I miss her.

My own children made my day wonderful and memorable.

I found myself looking at them, silently thankful to the Lord for each life.

They are precious…where Mother’s Day is supposed to honor mom, I couldn’t help but dwell on all the precious gifts I have been given in each one of them. I am blessed. So. Very. Blessed. My life would not be the same if even one was missing.

My newest blessing


An african violet…given by one of my children and had a small run-in with one of my other children. :/ It’s life around here…that’s all. Just life.

…and they were ALL home. (I may still be a little sensitive about Joshua having his *own* home now. :D)

…and they made me breakfast!









Meredith gave me a piece of tissue paper in every color…and a quarter! 😀





They each made me the most beautiful cards.

…and some brought me to tears











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