Coming Along

Tracy / December 14, 2013

The last two days are beginning to make me think there may be a light at the end of the bathroom tunnel!

First, this is the update on the deck:

One set of steps is complete! It’s SO nice and solid as a rock! Today, Joshua sat out on the deck and worked on school assignments. It’s odd to see someone just outside of the family room just sitting…I guess I’ll have to get used to it over time.

The second set of steps needed footings poured. Our contractor also began to install the supports. He won’t be back until Tuesday. We’re all hoping he might finish it so we can get the back family room windows installed. That room gets COLD right now with only a layer of plywood between us and the outside in some places (we had already stripped part of the room thinking he would be finished LONG before now and ready to start the back wall).

The bathroom is just fun right now. Because we’re so close to the finish line, it seems every little step makes a HUGE difference.

May I present, a vent cover:

It’s the little things in life that make us happy! I can’t remember when we realized the vent cover in this bathroom didn’t fit but we didn’t mind much since the bathroom wasn’t really used. It’s fantastic to have a working vent cover now!

The “new” $30 vanity from Craig’s List…now in “Dill”. I’m learning to glaze furniture tonight…this is the color of my big girl bedroom. It seemed to coordinate nicely with the vanity. I’m going to glaze it to add more interest. The Lord willing, it will be finished before bedtime tonight.

The new mirror is in! It’s a far cry from that old medicine cabinet that hung in the wall. I think the larger mirror reflects so much more light, it really brightens what was a terribly dark room. (We found the roses for 50% off at Hobby Lobby several weeks back!)

I’m coming to love my local LOWE’s store. Every time I walk through the doors, I feel like I’m surrounded by so many new ideas! The more I work and try new things, the more I want to try. I think I want to try a little of everything!

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