South Carolina

Tracy / November 15, 2013

Every now and again, we have the opportunity to travel with Paul as he works.

It was my turn a couple of weeks back.

He was working South Carolina football and it was my turn. 😀

We don’t usually have a car while he’s working, so we hope there are places of interest within walking distance.

Columbia, SC is a beautiful city and just happens to be where my dear father-in-law was raised. He still has quite a bit of family there.

We didn’t have time to visit anyone …Paul is working long hours when he travels to these venues. We did, however, make some stops for quick pictures!

From outside my hotel window:

The church across the street had a sweet little coffee shop:

Stadium photos:

I don’t always have the chance to see the places Paul is working…this was a fun glimpse. These stadiums are massive!

Paul jokes that they always get parked right by the port-a-potty…it’s more true than funny, I think…

We’ve been s l o w l y collecting and organizing our family history. Being in Columbia gave us the perfect time to take some photos of important places in Paul’s family history:

Paul used to say he knew he had arrived at his grandparent’s home when they passed by this church and under the bridge-

Their home (when he was a child) was located just up this hill:

His father attended this school (now a nursing home) in junior highschool:

His dad grew up in this home:

I first met them when they lived in this home:

His paternal grandmother was the sweetest little lady. We sat up a good bit of the night with her showing me her photo albums and telling me about each face.

She passed shortly after that visit. I would have loved the chance to know her better.

When visits were made, they always ate at Zesto’s:

Our visit landed the week of Halloween. I have no idea who lives in this house, only that I NEEDED to take a photo:

We don’t celebrate Halloween, but I am thinking of stealing their idea.

I wonder what the neighbors would think if they drove by on some random day and saw umbrellas and ironing boards hanging from the trees?? 😀

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