Jon, Emma, and the Culture of Littles

Tracy / October 2, 2012

Jonathan got sick at church last Sunday.

I mean, REALLY sick.

I think it was a combination of he just got too hot, he had just consumed a large amount of water, and he was running around with all the other kiddos having fun.

As it would happen, this event occurred at just the spot where everyone gathers for fellowship and to eat each Sunday. I’m thankful for fast acting folks who cleaned everything while I cared for Jon and packed up my crew to take them home.

….a couple of days ago, this arrived:

It’s from an adorable, very endearing friend of Emma’s. She was concerned and wanted us to know.
I love little people. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Jon, Emma, and the Culture of Littles

  1. Hahahaha! That’s my girl! I am just hoping she was actually concerned about him and not freaking out about catching something! Naaaa. I’m sure she was concerrned…kind of sure…pretty sure…

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