Playing Chess….

or “chest”, as Benjamin calls it–

When Ben first started playing, everyone went easy on him (he is a little guy, you know!!). Now, now amongst others, his Grandmother and Papa have both been playing him.

They both had the same reaction saying, “I was letting him win until I realized he could really play”. *smile*

BTW, my VERY talented Mother painted this $9.00 thrift store find for us–it is used almost every day in our home now!

Chess goes way back in our family…Paul was the chess club president in high school. Now, I couldn’t play at all (something I probably still should learn), but being absolutely head-over-heals about this young man, of course I had to join! Wouldn’t you know, an entire year in chess club and we never played even one game. 😀 I didn’t care at all….*sigh*, those were good times!!

These days, Paul has a built in chess club. I’m not sure he ever saw that one coming, LOL.

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