August Thoughts

Tracy / August 12, 2010

Our 1st Cucumber-

Butternut Squash just picked from the yard-

Courtney studies for the last leg of highschool-

Joshua doing the same-

Can you believe we have TWO children graduating this year? Where did the time go? It only feels like a dream when I remember holding Joshua in my arms each morning. His little eyes would look so sleepy and he would rest against me as he woke up for the day.

*sweet memories.*

A quilt. Complete with the exception of a tag, that I still can’t figure out how I want to create.

Spaghetti sauce canned earlier this week with my very dear friends, and next door neighbors- the Johnson ladies. It’s amazing how friends become family, but I believe that is just what is happening.

As the summer draws to a close, we have much in which to be thankful.

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