Drying Herbs

These are the herbs that we gathered from our garden this morning.

We love herbs…they are very versatile…from gifts to kitchen seasonings…to just a natural air freshener for your home, they are a wonderful and useful addition to any yard.

Storing herbs couldn’t be easier.

Using fresh herbs would be the best use, but it is nice to dry and store them away for later (such as the winter months when the plants go dormant).

My preference for drying herbs is to just wash them and hang them upside down in my kitchen. You could also use a food dehydrator.

Once dry, you can use them, or lay the herbs between two sheets of wax paper and roll with a rolling pin to crush the leaves. Store in a cool, dry container.

There are other ways to store herbs, freezing them into ice cubes works really well. To do this, chop the fresh herbs and spoon 1t into each compartment of an ice cube tray. Cover each section with water and freeze. Next time you are cooking, you can drop the ice cubes into your food pre-measured….just remember,often the measurements in a recipe will need to be altered depending on whether you are using dried or fresh herbs.

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