February 9, 2011

Tracy / February 9, 2011

There is a day, that arrives at some point– you may not even notice at first, when you realize your children are grown. On this day, I have watched my oldest son, Joshua, put in a full day’s work in our yard. He has cleared years of under-brush left growing by the previous owners of our home. It’s been hard…

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Graduation Fiesta

Tracy / November 14, 2010

I’m still catching up pics and posts. These are from Courtney and Joshua’s recent graduation fiesta: Courtney painted the cute sign! Ben waiting for guests to arrive. He was SO excited! Littles playing in the library while the adults were talking in the family room.

Pics of the Garden

So much of our time has been spent inside, but we have managed a minute here or there to begin establishing our garden. We had a few existing fruit trees when we moved in, but since, we’ve planted 14 more, 4 blueberries and have started the task of building and planting square foot beds. random chick (well, not quite a…

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Wild Adventures 2

Tracy / October 6, 2006

It’s Frugal Friday, hosted by Biblical Womanhood. My tip for today is (I don’t know, maybe this one makes me just “cheap”, LOL!) that I repackage cheaper shampoos into my “children’s” themed shampoo bottle! They think that they are getting pampered with the cute little fishy shampoo…the never realize that I just keep refilling the bottle! (Let’s just keep that…

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Laundry and Storms

Tracy / September 13, 2006

Hello everyone, My name is Joshua Lambert. I am posting for Mom today. As I was looking out the window today I saw our clothes hanging out on the line, then when I looked up……I saw rain clouds. Now I don’t know if you read Mom’s posting about the time when we had laundry hanging up. I thought I would…

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Reducing Expenses

The beginning of this year, I really began to pray and ask the Lord to show me areas of my home where I needed to spend time making sure that we were making the most of what we had. My grocery budget was the first thing He placed on my heart. Over time, I began to eliminate things I had…

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