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July 16, 2011

This has been a long, long week. As we are preparing and starting our new school year, I’m always tweaking… Continue reading »

“Here Kitty, Kitty….”

I’m not sure she knew what was coming:

Cooking Class

Timothy (8) has an interest in cooking. Not just any interest, but I think if it’s possible, he could be… Continue reading »


Jessa’s afternoon chores include cleaning off the front porch. I wonder if she’ll ever know how it warms my heart… Continue reading »

Jessica’s 13th Birthday

It’s still hard to believe that Jessica has turned 13. For many years, I wasn’t sure this young lady would… Continue reading »

Celebrating Jessa…

Wow, my little girl has turned 13. This is a miracle to me. I honestly didn’t know if I would… Continue reading »


Good morning! I hope that your day has started out well and you are accomplishing all that you have set… Continue reading »


This will be a short post today…I’m still recovering from my oral surgery. Overall, this has not been a bad… Continue reading »

Jessica’s Story

It was a cool October day when I was blessed with my sweet little girl Jessica. The trip to the… Continue reading »

Scout Night

It’s scout night at our home. We usually spend our day doing school, preparing dinner, and getting everyone ready to… Continue reading »