Potato Harvest

We’re finally finding time to harvest our potatoes. We probably would have left them in the beds a little longer, but the last round of storms brought down several big branches that killed the vines. We harvested a ton of potatoes. This one was Ben’s favorite! He found his own letter “T”. 🙂

Playing Chess….

or “chest”, as Benjamin calls it– When Ben first started playing, everyone went easy on him (he is a little guy, you know!!). Now, now amongst others, his Grandmother and Papa have both been playing him. They both had the same reaction saying, “I was letting him win until I realized he could really play”. *smile* BTW, my VERY talented…

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Mr. B….

Tracy / September 11, 2010

My little boy– how can you not just smile? When we had dinner a few nights back, I looked over to see Ben having popped the sticks out of both corn dogs. He had chopped his up into small pieces and was using the sticks as chopsticks to eat. Little boys are too much fun!

August 25, 2010

Tracy / August 25, 2010

Life is just hard sometimes. Last evening, we found these: Ben has been keeping them- a “momento” from his personal chicken. I knew he loved her- his big brothers said that he had been out earlier in the day to place a flower pot with some flowers he had picked where she had died. *sigh* He just seems so young…

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August, Already?

August already? Does anyone else ever seem to be taken off guard by the passing of time? Where do the days go? I wake up, and before I can blink the day is over. It’s incredible, and humbling, to know that I only have so many days and they pass so quickly. I was so thankful we finished yesterday’s projects…

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Cloth Napkins

This has been the cloth napkin project that I thought would never end. We have worked and worked. I don’t have yet a final number, but five large tablecloths make a whole lot of cloth napkins. Courtney is becoming quite proficient at sewing, and seen here, was finishing up the last few. I’m sure that we are going to get…

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Mosaics Day 1

Monday! I’m dragging today…Paul and I stayed up much too late last night! He was needing to finish the cable project that he’s been working on and I was busy tatting a lace edging for the pantaloons that I made for Jessica (yes, I did finally finish them…I still have Emma’s left to go!). This weekend, Courtney and I managed…

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