Updates and Changing Seasons

Another pregnancy has come and gone. I am in awe of God’s grace and mercy to me this last week. Little Owen’s birth was long, but very easy in comparison to some I’ve had. I’m left with a healthy, precious little one that I just can’t kiss enough. I’m in love and I haven’t even had him a week. He…

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Baby Day!!!

Today is the day!!! Please be in prayer for our family. With love, Tracy

Now We Wait.

I’m now a day over my due date. At some point, I would like to find statistics on how many babies go past their expected due date. I’m 12 for 13, right now. (Timothy was 5 weeks early.) This week, I’ve prepared the car seat. Our bags are packed and ready. I have the mailbox bow made and by the…

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Today’s OB Appointment

Tracy / January 14, 2014

Though I know pregnancy in your 40’s has a bad reputation, I can honestly say, this has been my best pregnancy to date! Today’s appointment found my blood pressure completely normal, and blood sugar lower than it has been with ANY of my other pregnancies. I had NO edema. The baby does have a two vessel umbilical cord but after…

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