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Strolling Along

Smoochie went along on her older sister’s morning walk a few weeks back…

Frugal Fun!

Courtney and I have been on a dollar store/thrift store crafting kick lately. These are a few projects from last… Continue reading »

August 27, 2010

Friday. I’m always a little unsure of Friday. It’s the week ending, the weekend beginning….I think our weekends aren’t like… Continue reading »

Growing Sweetness!

Our happy, round baby girl:

Meredith’s Buggy

Meredith’s swing… I have always wanted a little beetle car swing for our children. When Meredith’s birthday came this year,… Continue reading »


Just my sweetie–

Sunday Afternoon

Sleepy Smoochie

A sleeping sweetie….

Meredith’s Birthday

A whole first year already…. Meredith’s first baby prints on the birthday tablecloth– She loved feeling the paint between her… Continue reading »


My growing baby girl…always exploring….always learning.

More Smoochie

Meredith in a tub-

Famiy Projects

A few things we’ve done over the last few weeks: A new tetherball set for the kiddos- Courtney votes for… Continue reading »