4H Animal Science Quiz Bowl/Skill-A-Thon 2016

Tracy / January 12, 2016

It has been MONTHS since I’ve had time to do much blogging. Paul’s new job position, the holidays, baby preparations, and LOTS of illness in our home in recent months have made it almost impossible to sit down to catch up on our family blog. I’m going to try and catch things up a little at a time. One of…

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Happy Birthday, Matthew!

Each year I’m astonished by how much Matthew changes. He was a gift to our family during a time when there was much sadness. Paul’s mom had passed unexpectedly. Matthew’s birth was joyful. It was sweet to watch those who were so sad, looking at his tiny hands and feet, and into his tiny face and smiling once again. We…

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Please Be Praying For Matthew

Obviously not thrilled, it’s Matthew’s turn to have his wisdom teeth removed. All four of his are impacted. Having had his braces recently removed, the orthodontist informed us that now is the time to have them taken out before they cause problems or reverse the progress we made with his braces. He did manage to talk the oral surgeon into…

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Matthew’s Braces

I know everyone thinks there doctor is the best, but truly our orthodontist is *THE BEST*. 😀 We first met Dr. Whitehead when Benjamin was only 4 years old. He was having speech therapy and it was suggested that he might need a dental appliance to re-shape the roof of his mouth making it easier for him to make the…

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Enjoying Fall

Tracy / October 14, 2014

(Written last week….) The weather is supposed to be cooler, right? It is fall and it is Alabama. The leaves are turning colors and it is still reaching almost 90 each day. At least there is a cool breeze and a chance to just enjoy some rest in the afternoons as our day comes to an end.

Matthew’s 15th Birthday

Matthew’s name means “Gift of God”. That certainly is what he is to our family. To celebrate this year, he invited a friend over for dinner. We had the most delicious chocolate cake with chocolate-coffee icing. I have very much loved this last year with Matthew. Joshua has now left the house for a home of his own. Jacob is…

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some days

Tracy / September 24, 2013

Some days just have a few surprises in store. Jacob prepared to leave to buy chicken food and realized the Suburban battery was dead. When they were little, it would have been difficult to deal with car issues. Now the guys just go to work handling things. Their father has taught them so very well. It’s a pleasure to sit…

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more braces

Tracy / September 24, 2013

Matthew had is bottom braces added this morning. He’s sore today, but not too bad. I can tell such a difference since we started…I think he smiles more! Jacob is next! His consultation appointment is Monday. I’m not sure he’s terribly excited, but I know he’ll be glad when it’s done.

Matthew and I, at Gigi’s

OK. So there is this little cupcake place. I don’t stop there often because it’s expensive and let’s be honest, this is the last thing I need. It did make for a fun outing with Matthew this week. Thus far, I’ve tried the Texas Milk Chocolate, Wedding Cake, and my favorite Dulce de Leche. Yum. Wow. Yum. (If you read…

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…and Matthew’s 14th Birthday

The year Darby was born, we had birthday cake for Matthew at our local hospital.  He said she was the best birthday present he had ever received. This year, we’ve celebrated with dinner out, cake and presents at home…. …of course, his cake had to have braces! …get it “Yo-Da Man?”…Hahahaha….ahem. To dear son, Matthew, This last year has been…

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Family Life

A few random pictures from yesterday…so many things are changing in our world.  – Time never stops.  I know the children are growing.  I know I only have one chance to live each day. I’m thankful for them all….   If you see Paul, please tell him you notice he’s growing some facial hair. He’s giving it his all! It’s…

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Mr. Matt tried his hand at chopping wood this last week: He chopped for most of the afternoon and then showed the little ones how to stack it neatly behind the chicken house. It’s boy meets man… I’m so proud of him!