Happy 26th Anniversary

My, how I love this man. April 4, 2017 marked our 26th year of marriage. I met him when I was just 14 and to this day, he remains my best friend. This year, Paul took me to dinner at a nice place in Hoover and then we went up to Vulcan. It was absolutely beautiful and I could have…

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Texas 2015 (Part 2- San Antonio)

San Antonio is an absolutely beautiful city. I was privileged to spend time there as a teenager for a high school speech competition and I’ve been there twice with Paul. We were on the road early from Houston toward San Antonio. Paul had decided he wanted to eat lunch at The Canyon Café. It is located not far from town…

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I Love This Man

Tracy / December 12, 2014

He thinks the best of me. He works hard for our family. He is faithful in every way. He has been a listening ear and had an understanding heart. His big hands have held each and every one of our babies and loved them as a Daddy should love his little ones. His smile lights up my world. He is…

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…Man and Wife

Tracy / August 14, 2014

The wedding day was perfect. My son was handsome and looking like the man he has grown to be seemingly, overnight. My new daughter-in-law was beautiful and excited. We were surrounded by friends and family. It all still seems a little surreal, but wonderful. Praise God from whom all praises flow….. Please be praying for this new family!!

Joshua’s Engagement

(I wrote this blog back in May, but things have just been so busy, too busy, to actually post it with the photos.) The days flow by, sometimes like a cool small spring and sometimes like a raging river. I think we’re in one of those raging river kind of seasons. As one day ends and the next begins, we…

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Celebrating Marriage

Some place between this season of illness, health issues with our extended family, and waiting on this newest little one, Paul and I celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary. He was in New York and I was here waiting with my dear father-in-law the day following his open heart surgery. (Last year he was off some place and I was waiting…

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Beach Trip

Tracy / November 2, 2013

So many of you have been praying for me, praying for my family, knowing the loss we have suffered this year. March brought the news that Mama only had 1-3 years. We hoped for some miracle. We hoped there would be some other news, but each visit only brought more knowledge of the growing cancer in her body. I know…

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fall decorating

Tracy / September 3, 2013

I’ve been noticing a few (only a few!) falling leaves here and there across our yard. My heart yearns for the cooler months…something wonderful begins to happen. Life slows down, just a little. We don’t seem to try to squeeze every minute of work out of each day. We are content, sometimes, to just sit snuggled under a blanket reading…

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Our Anniversary

In the middle of life, Paul and I had an anniversary a little earlier this month. I arrived home after Mom’s treatment to find these!! I think they were the absolute, most beautiful roses I’ve ever seen!! –One for every year of our marriage.


….and so we’re courting. Through a long-time friend, we’ve met a very sweet young man. It’s a long story…and I will share at a later time when there are a few more minutes. We’ve been praying, and his family has been praying. I know if nothing else were to come from this time, we have made life-long friends with this…

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Pauley and I

Tracy / February 4, 2013

Taken on the 25th anniversary of Paul having asked me to be *his*. He’s my best friend. Thank you, Courtney, for the pictures to capture our day!