A season of growth and learning- Courtney’s Wedding

Tracy / October 22, 2017

This post is about so many things, mostly Courtney’s wedding.  🙂  I’m just throwing that out there since it is probably going to seem a little scattered. Did you know you can buy these on Ebay?! I did not. I had NO idea. The last time we looked up replacements for our car, they were going to be about $30/fob.…

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April 17, 2017

Hello, old friends. It’s been quite a long time. Life has taken so many twists and turns in recent months. Each morning has brought challenges and blessings (of course, those challenges are blessings if you believe that all things happen for the good of those who love Him!). I have a new grand-boy. We’re knee deep in our little soap…

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August 28, 2015

Tracy / August 29, 2015

The days are feeling cooler. Can it be? Fall seems early this year. The days seem unseasonably cool. The summer has been warm, but nothing like what I’m used to for southern summertime. My roses seem to be enjoying the cooler days. I am thankful for the milder temperatures, but I think this winter will find me missing the beautiful…

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The Southern Museum of Flight

Tracy / August 28, 2015

We thoroughly enjoyed a visit to the Southern Museum of Flight in Birmingham, a couple of weeks ago! With Paul home more recently, we have taken the opportunity do some quick field trips with the children. This was first on our list since we have passes to another local museum that allow us to be admitted to the Southern Museum…

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ETHAN Project- Enjoy the New!

When I began this summer, I never dreamed in a million years how amazing the ETHANProject would become for my family. We have enjoyed each and every week this summer. Each one has been purposeful and fun. We have made memories and enjoyed time together. We’ve revisited the place where my husband proposed. We have painted. We have cooked. We…

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ETHAN Project: Enjoy the Sound!

Are you still following the Ethan Project for summer ideas? The summer is almost over. We only have a few challenges left but it isn’t too late to join along. This week’s assignment is “Enjoy the Sound”. Paul and I have had an extra-special blessing this week. It’s been easy to “enjoy the sound”. Meet Gabriel Elijah, our very first…

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We’re Off to Tennessee!

Last week, found us in Tennessee! Paul had a work event planned for Blountsville. That is quite a drive! So close in fact, that we found ourselves accidentally crossing over into Virginia at one time. I’m always thankful for the quiet time during the day while he works. This time, I worked on some book reviews I needed to finish.…

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Texas 2015 (Part 3- Fort Worth/Dallas)

Texas is beautiful.   (Paul and I eating at an Italian diner and watching the rain fall across from our hotel.) The wildflowers are blooming. The bluebonnets especially, have come to life- they are magnificent. Our last stop on our Texas trip was Fort Worth. The very best thing I did when arriving in Fort Worth was walk to the…

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Unexpected Van Repairs

Are these not the two most smiling folks you have ever seen after having dealt with a car issue? We couldn’t help but smile. Our van roof has a rusty spot that has been leaking. We decided to sprinkle some carpet fresh into the carpet so that it might help with the musty odor of the van. I actually joked…

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Teddy Bear Breakfast and Shirley Temples

How many times do we have plans and ideas and thoughts on things we want to do with our children? I wish I could say I was better about following though. The truth is I have lots and lots of ideas and very little time, as most days are full of what must be done to make our family go.…

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February 11, 2015

Tracy / February 11, 2015

We’ve had the flu. I’ve come to appreciate (is that the way I really want to word what I’m thinking?), germs. When you have a larger than average family, by the time illness circulates through everyone, it’s likely to have mutated and could go all the way through again. Isn’t that fun? I think most my friends realize we are…

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Jacob’s Gift

Tracy / January 14, 2015

Jacob won the prize for most exciting Christmas gift this year. He bought three used go-carts. He’s worked and worked on them over the past couple of months to get them ready for Christmas. (He’s also planning to sell a couple of them. It was an investment for him, too.) It was cold Christmas. (Jacob never gets cold unless he…

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