Happy Birthday, Jonathan!

Jon's 10th Birthday LinesFromTheVine.com

Jonathan Patrick is already another year older. His 9th year has practically flown by. These 9 year old’s have proven to be quite a challenge for Paul and I. Terrible 2’s? Not in this house. Three year old’s tend to be very “active” and require a lot of attention. They are smart enough to get into pretty much everything while…

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Happy 8th Birthday, Jonathan!

Jon turned 8 years old this week. How did that happen so fast? He has been acting more “8” and less “7” recently. He is a very sweet little boy- always full of joy and big ideas and lots of things to tell me. He reminds Paul and I a great deal of Joshua when he was his age. Jon…

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February 23, 2015

Tracy / February 23, 2015

I guess our most recent “big” news is that Jonathan got his pins taken out last week. I could not imagine having pins taken out of a bone. I don’t want to even think about how that must feel. I gave him Motrin about an hour before his appointment. He took his stuffed animal and we left for our local…

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Jon’s Special Package

Tracy / February 6, 2015

The mail is an exciting time of day for our family. We love our mail lady.  It’s always nice to visit with her and the children like to take turns running out to see what exciting piece has arrived for the day (the small things in life thrill the kiddos!). We are normally out as she runs but for some…

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A Day at the Park & Jon’s Broken Arm

Tracy / January 25, 2015

At some point, you realize your plans are not *His* plans. I don’t think we should fail to plan anything at all- just that when our plans change and everything seems to spin out of control, we need to remind ourselves that we’re never really in control anyway, right? I’m thankful for the Lord’s leading and protection this week in…

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This Summer…

Tracy / August 13, 2014

I guess I’m just becoming so sentimental as the years pass. This summer has been full, overflowing really, with so many good memories. It’s hard to count them all…the Lord has given us so many wonderful gifts. He’s filled our home and our lives with folks that treat us like their own families. We are blessed. I’m trying to catch…

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And Another…

Tracy / January 26, 2014

I’ve been trying to talk Jon into losing this tooth, practically forever. I was hoping he would be our first to lose both front top teeth for Christmas. It just wasn’t meant to be. Sad, I know. He went to Joshua over the weekend and asked him to pull it for him. I guess it had finally decided it was…

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Friday Afternoons With Jonathan

Tracy / October 26, 2013

With the older two boys working, all the youngest Lamberts sleeping, and everyone else at art class, Jon and I are left alone every Friday afternoon for a few hours. I try to plan something fun each week. I hope he’ll look back with fondness as he remembers this time with me each week. I sure love these moments with…

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Tracy / October 14, 2013

These little boys melt my heart. Silly faces and all….