Joshua and Jackson

Tracy / February 24, 2013

This melts my heart… I love seeing the big boys with the smallest.

Visiting My Grandmother

Tracy / February 14, 2013

My grandmother was moved to a new, much closer nursing home a week ago. This was a huge answer to prayer in many ways. My mom has enjoyed visiting almost every day and we got to take Jackson to meet his great-grandmother for the very first time! I think they both enjoyed the time. I helped her hold him for…

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Sweet Baby Gift

Tracy / October 27, 2012

Sharing a recent baby gift from a sweet friend: Thank you again, Ashley!!

Little Moments

Tracy / October 24, 2012

It’s that little moment when a baby is about to fuss. His little bottom lip is pouty…. …but then his eyes meet mine. Realizing I am looking at him, he begins to smile. It’s that little moment that makes my heart melt.

Mama and Jackson

Tracy / October 18, 2012

Courtney snapped this picture a couple of weeks back just before we left for a friend’s bridal shower. My little one is growing so big.

Baby Jackson and Joshua

Tracy / October 15, 2012

There are just some days that Jackson wants his biggest brother. It’s really sweet….he can be falling apart, Joshua snuggles him up on his shoulder and he’s out!

Jackson and Papa

Tracy / September 30, 2012

Paul may get a little tired of me snapping pictures…. He can have the baby asleep in almost seconds…he’s got the magic touch!

Jackson is Sleeping!! Woohoo!!! (Baby Schedule)

Tracy / September 28, 2012

SIX straight hours!! That is how many hours our little one slept last night. Ahhhh….sweet sleep! I truly believe I am a better person if I can just have a little sleep at night. Well, maybe more than a little. A little is pretty much all I’ve been getting this last several weeks. This little guy has had an attraction…

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Incredibly Blessed

Tracy / August 24, 2012

There are just no other words. We’re at home. Everyone is settling into our normal routine. We have a sweet, squishy, little boy hanging around. He has a line of folks always waiting to hold him and kiss him. Have I mentioned how wonderful he smells?? ….and his fuzzy little head just calls for me to sit and rub it…

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