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Quick House Update

I wanted to stop in and share some photos from the weekend. We have our fellowship meeting tomorrow (Yes! We… Continue reading »

Slow and Steady….

We’re making some very slow, but very steady progress in the house. This week, found our contractor pretty much finishing… Continue reading »

House Updates

It’s hard to describe our home right now. There are several rooms in the middle of work- we’re trying to… Continue reading »

House Remodel- Update

I’ve apologized and apologized again, to my children this week. After sitting the cats outside over and over again- AND… Continue reading »

House Updates

OK…here are the updates! The windows and doors on the back wall are DONE! The contractor will be back on… Continue reading »

December 19, 2013

First, thank you for the prayer. Courtney’s surgery went well this morning. She has been resting in bed the remainder… Continue reading »

December 18, 2013

This is it- my deadline for finishing the girl bathroom. Tonight, Joshua has five pieces of trim left to hang…. Continue reading »

Today’s Update

In the middle of growing a baby, homeschool, house maintenance, and normal life, sometimes, I’m amazed at all the Lord… Continue reading »


Not much to report today. I managed to insulate most of the new bedroom. Of course, that meant pulling out… Continue reading »

House updates….

I’m not doing such a good job keeping up with the house pictures. I’m told Courtney is doing a MUCH… Continue reading »

Apartment Kitchen and Laundry Shelves

These were actually taken a few weeks back. This house had an addition added at some point making it a… Continue reading »

The Appraisal

I’m always amazed how the Lord works in our lives. This past year, my husband has planned and managed multiple… Continue reading »