Tuesday Update…

Tracy / January 16, 2014

Yep. We’re running a little behind on the updates. Tuesday was our monthly fellowship meeting. We’ve decided to cancel most of the more recent meetings since our home is one big construction zone. This time, we bit the bullet and pushed forward. Courtney made signs for the places we thought might not be safe for visitors. I’m so glad we…

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Quick House Update

Tracy / January 14, 2014

I wanted to stop in and share some photos from the weekend. We have our fellowship meeting tomorrow (Yes! We are still meeting….), so I’m short on time tonight but I wanted to share a few anyway! Paul “manned-up” the basement. As he was trying to hang a paper towel holder in the basement, it broke. He decided to make…

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Slow and Steady….

Tracy / January 6, 2014

We’re making some very slow, but very steady progress in the house. This week, found our contractor pretty much finishing the first half of the backside of our home. (At some point, I’ll post a photo from the ground. It’s too cold for this pregnant woman to venture out that far into the yard today!) He’ll be starting the remainder…

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House Updates

Tracy / January 1, 2014

It’s hard to describe our home right now. There are several rooms in the middle of work- we’re trying to live in the middle of it all- and though there is progress, there is also just a big mess.  Every single place you look. I’ll be so glad when things get settled.  In the meantime, the pile (or bag, or…

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House Remodel- Update

Tracy / December 30, 2013

I’ve apologized and apologized again, to my children this week. After sitting the cats outside over and over again- AND fussing at my children for letting them in– someone came to me and pointed out the following: Our contractor, bless his heart, opened the side of our home (just under the roof), to replace the wood and install the siding…

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House Updates

Tracy / December 21, 2013

OK…here are the updates! The windows and doors on the back wall are DONE! The contractor will be back on Monday to discuss finishing the underside of the roof on this side and then we’ll talk siding! I CAN’T WAIT. The little window on the end USED to be the back door…it’s going away. We’re turning that little room into…

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December 19, 2013

Tracy / December 20, 2013

First, thank you for the prayer. Courtney’s surgery went well this morning. She has been resting in bed the remainder of the day. I’m hoping tomorrow will find her feeling some better. I know healing takes time- I am praying it won’t take long. The house is not the same without her smiling and singing through the day. Even with…

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December 18, 2013

Tracy / December 19, 2013

This is it- my deadline for finishing the girl bathroom. Tonight, Joshua has five pieces of trim left to hang. We have a toilet paper holder that needs better wall anchors (which WILL HAVE TO WAIT until tomorrow). Closet doors need to be trimmed and reworked to become french doors. A threshold still needs to be cut and installed. Everything…

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Today’s Update

Tracy / December 13, 2013

In the middle of growing a baby, homeschool, house maintenance, and normal life, sometimes, I’m amazed at all the Lord allows us to finish each day! I managed to fall asleep at 9:30 last night…much earlier than many nights. I still felt like we were able to accomplish many things. I enjoyed a visit with my Grandmother. She was so…

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Tracy / December 11, 2013

Not much to report today. I managed to insulate most of the new bedroom. Of course, that meant pulling out the Great Stuff. (In case you missed that first fiasco, you can read HERE.) I was amazed what a difference insulation can make. As I finished, the room became warmer and warmer. I had no idea it was so drafty…

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House updates….

Tracy / December 7, 2013

I’m not doing such a good job keeping up with the house pictures. I’m told Courtney is doing a MUCH better job over on InstaGram. Of course, you won’t hear the fun stories from her. If you see us very often, you know we’re making some progress, (or maybe just a big mess), since we are most always paint splattered…

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Apartment Kitchen and Laundry Shelves

Tracy / November 30, 2013

These were actually taken a few weeks back. This house had an addition added at some point making it a duplex for the previous owner’s mother. When we moved in, we knew we would need this extra space for our family so the decision was made to remove some walls to create more flow through both sides of the house.…

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