Construction Mishaps…

Tracy / December 7, 2013

They happen. Great Stuff and I go way back. I was told the Great Stuff for windows and doors didn’t expand quite as much as the original Great Stuff. We have been using it to fill the cracks between the walls and new windows and front doors that went in a few weeks back. Great insulator…probably better left done by…

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Apartment Kitchen and Laundry Shelves

Tracy / November 30, 2013

These were actually taken a few weeks back. This house had an addition added at some point making it a duplex for the previous owner’s mother. When we moved in, we knew we would need this extra space for our family so the decision was made to remove some walls to create more flow through both sides of the house.…

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The Appraisal

Tracy / November 6, 2013

I’m always amazed how the Lord works in our lives. This past year, my husband has planned and managed multiple huge home renovations. Normally, he will plan to do some upgrades here and there, but it is never like it has been this year. We knew when we moved in, this home was a great size for our family, but…

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House Updates

Tracy / November 1, 2013

So many changes. The Lord has been so good to provide us the right people, at just the right time to finish some lingering projects. When I look over these previous months, I feel humbled by His work in our lives and in our home. Here are a few quick pics from the last few weeks: Matthew supervised the little…

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Many Hands

Tracy / October 15, 2013

“Many hands make the work light”, right? I don’t think I have ever been so grateful for all these folks, as I am this week. We’re trying to beat the cold and wet weather coming to Alabama soon. Today, it’s a comfortable day to be working outside. I think the next few days are supposed to bring rain and colder…

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clearing the yard

Tracy / September 17, 2013

Just when I thought it was impossible, our yard is almost completely cleared! After working 11 straight days, he got home late yesterday and started the yard today. He and the boys had tried to break the big debris with a sledge hammer, but in the end, a jack hammer rental was necessary. Everyone gathered in the yard and the…

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canning pears

Tracy / September 5, 2013

When I think back over the year, it all just seems like a blur. For all the things that seemed so horribly wrong, the Lord held our hand, walked with us…carried us through so many days. If you’ve been visiting long, you know I am a planner. When January arrived, I had the year planned out- including our garden. We…

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this week’s goals

Tracy / September 3, 2013

My goals for this week: (1)  Finish one book on MY reading list (2)  Finish one book on the children’s reading list (3)  Exercise at least FOUR times (4)  Homeschool (5)  Begin clean up of our yard (I ordered a dumpster for the debris this morning!) (6)  Insulate the first part of our basement (7)  Order fall chicks (8)  Finish…

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fall decorating

Tracy / September 3, 2013

I’ve been noticing a few (only a few!) falling leaves here and there across our yard. My heart yearns for the cooler months…something wonderful begins to happen. Life slows down, just a little. We don’t seem to try to squeeze every minute of work out of each day. We are content, sometimes, to just sit snuggled under a blanket reading…

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thrifted finds

Tracy / August 26, 2013

I LOVE finding a good deal! This little kitchen set was $14.00. Everything worked. It had all of it’s pieces with the exception of some little baskets. It’s been played with *each and every* day since it was purchased. I love the thrift store!

basement work

Tracy / August 19, 2013

Someone recently told me our home is beginning to remind them of the movie, Money Pit. (Not in a bad way, just that one project is leading to another…) When we decided to have our roof done, the roofer told us if we were going to have siding placed on the home, it would be less expensive to install it…

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The Flooring Progress

I saw this note left for the family today regarding the progress of the new flooring: It’s looking great! I can’t wait to post pictures. This will be the 5th room we’ve finished with plywood-to-plank flooring.