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Apartment Kitchen and Laundry Shelves

These were actually taken a few weeks back. This house had an addition added at some point making it a… Continue reading »

The Appraisal

I’m always amazed how the Lord works in our lives. This past year, my husband has planned and managed multiple… Continue reading »

House Updates

So many changes. The Lord has been so good to provide us the right people, at just the right time… Continue reading »

Many Hands

“Many hands make the work light”, right? I don’t think I have ever been so grateful for all these folks,… Continue reading »

clearing the yard

Just when I thought it was impossible, our yard is almost completely cleared! After working 11 straight days, he got… Continue reading »

canning pears

When I think back over the year, it all just seems like a blur. For all the things that seemed… Continue reading »

this week’s goals

My goals for this week: (1)  Finish one book on MY reading list (2)  Finish one book on the children’s… Continue reading »

fall decorating

I’ve been noticing a few (only a few!) falling leaves here and there across our yard. My heart yearns for… Continue reading »

thrifted finds

I LOVE finding a good deal! This little kitchen set was $14.00. Everything worked. It had all of it’s pieces… Continue reading »

basement work

Someone recently told me our home is beginning to remind them of the movie, Money Pit. (Not in a bad… Continue reading »

The Flooring Progress

I saw this note left for the family today regarding the progress of the new flooring: It’s looking great! I… Continue reading »

Pinterest Projects

Woohoo! I found a winning Pinterest project. This one was just a little toothpaste on the front headlight to clean… Continue reading »