My Glowing Baby

These are pictures of the baby from last week. Thankfully, she’s more pink than orange this week and seems to be doing great!!

Darby’s 1st Bath (at home!)

We always have good help around here….. actually, Meredith, *hates* baths. She started crying when she found out we were bathing Darby. She cried “no, no, Darby!!”. I let her come in and “help” and all was better. She’s such a sweet girl…she was worried about her new baby. Darby is almost three weeks old now….Paul and I already find…

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Darby’s Birth

Almost three weeks later….I’m posting birth details! (It’s been a very FULL three weeks. *smile*) I’ve been trying to re-play the events of June 9th- the day was most definitely not at all like what I thought it would be! Leading up to my due date, all signs seemed to point toward favorable conditions for my induction. Having NEVER went…

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Baby Pictures, Group 1

So, the new baby pretty much takes every minute of every day right now. She is a baby doll. I think we’re all enjoying the time with her…these first days slip by so fast! Miss Courtney has been snapping away with her camera. As I look over the pictures, I can tell I’m going to have to be *very* careful…

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Pediatrician Visit #2

At our first visit with the doctor, we were told that little Miss Darby would need to come back for another look. So, here we go….seeing her this morning, I’m thinking that we might be in for yet another visit. We’ll see!!

Pediatrician Visit #1…

The baby is looking a little like a pumpkin. We’re off to the pediatrician’s office. This is really no different than any of our other babies…hopefully, we won’t be doing this every day this week. 😛


A day later than expected, but perfect, and pink, and beautiful. Thank you all for sweet notes and especially prayer. It’s been a long week, and we’re all tired, but she’s absolutely wonderful in every way! I’ll post more a little later. With love,

Baby Blessings….

Have I mentioned how special our church family is to us?? Last Sunday, they threw us a very sweet celebration in honor of our newest blessing. I’m sharing a few pics here….my girls made sure we have plenty for the baby book. *smile* (Thank you again, dear friends!!

New Baby Pics…

I’m quickly updating the site. We’ve been covered in projects and plans….things that all need to be addressed before our new little one arrives in TWELVE WEEKS! (I can’t believe I’m already in my third trimester!!) I had a doctor visit yesterday. I guess it went O.K. I’m still waiting for some test results that initially came back “iffy”. No…

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