How We Made a LEGO Cake

Jon wanted a LEGO cake this year for his birthday. A few years back, I made this cake for Matthew. It was A LOT of work. I hand shaped and cut all those LEGOs from fondant (which I hate). This time, I was wanting to do something different- something FUN! I looked on Pinterest and saw some ideas for the…

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Courtney’s Cake

Tracy / February 6, 2015

Courtney surprises me. She is very much like her dad- it’s fun to watch! She made a cake this last week as a surprise for the family. It was celebrating the 27th anniversary of when Paul asked to start dating me (I can’t believe it’s been that long!), and the 5th anniversary of our first night in our new home.

jackson’s 1st birthday

Tracy / August 25, 2013

It was a bittersweet day. My little baby, turning 1 year old this week. My mama, was missing from our celebration. We celebrated as we have with all of our other children. So many years ago, she bought this panda bear cake pan. I think she may have first made it for one of my cousins, but we also have…

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Darby Turns Two

Can you tell someone had a little cake icing?? It’s OK…we’ve been celebrating birthdays. I’ve had more cake than I care to admit. Darby liked her cake, too. It didn’t make it from the kitchen before we noticed it was missing a piece…. It’s been a quick two years. It’s hard to imagine her so big- it seems like yesterday…

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Meredith Turns 2!!

Pictures from Meredith’s birthday….. “Miss Two” celebrated with birthday cake and gifts! Courtney was very kind to make her cake…I’m still recovering from having baby and developed a pretty horrible case of mastitis last week, from which I’m also still recovering. 😛 I’m so glad she was willing to step in and “have fun”, in her words. She did such…

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Timothy’s 9th Birthday

Tracy / February 22, 2011

Some quick pictures from Timothy’s birthday on Sunday: Opening gifts Courtney, Jessica and I made him a “Kung Zhu” cake. It’s not my best cake ever, but for a first try, I was happy. Timothy REALLY liked it–I guess that’s what really matters. Because his birthday fell on Sunday, we also took a cake to church. This one was really…

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February 11, 2011

Tracy / February 12, 2011

We were blessed with an evening snow on Wednesday. Not just any snow…the most beautiful, big snowflakes fell right after dark. My youngest children had just been tucked into bed, but the announcement of snow, had them jumping up and running outside…which started a snowball fight on the front porch. Notice the older children don’t even have on coats. Even…

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A Special Birthday…

Tracy / February 8, 2011

My dear friend Jan, Courtney, and I were asked recently to help a friend with her daughter’s birthday cakes. What a fun project!!

Wilton Class

Tracy / January 20, 2011

Pictures from this week’s cake class… We made the rosebud, primrose, apple blossom, and rose base:

Cake Classes…

Tracy / January 10, 2011

I mentioned in an earlier post that Courtney and I have been taking some classes together. Don’t laugh….remember these are our first “Wilton method” cakes…. 😀 This is the poinsettia cake we made for our church fellowship in December. The flowers are completely edible! O.K., not a “Wilton” cake- this is another cake we made for our church fellowship. I’ve…

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Cake Mix Extender

Tracy / December 13, 2010

We love homemade cakes, but sometimes, time gets the better of us and we need something quick. I *love* this recipe from the MOMYS cookbook. It takes a standard cake mix and makes it “big family” size. Birthday Cake Extender 1 c all purpose flour 1/4c sugar 1t baking powder 1/2c vegetable oil 2/3c water 1 box cake mix, your…

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