Benjamin and LEGOS

Ben is always building something new. This is his latest LEGO creation: …and of course, with red and white ninjas. You MUST have ninjas, right?!

He Has a Shiner

Tracy / February 12, 2014

It was Benjamin vs. Jackson.  (I’m NOT kidding.) I know every man reading this is probably snickering.  Me, not so much. When Ben came and told me Jackson (ONE YEAR OLD JACKSON), hit him in the eye yesterday, he said it was hurting but it didn’t seem that bad.  How hard could a 1 year old actually hit someone? Boys.


Tracy / August 31, 2013

Joshua brought me roses this week… Yes, I love my boys.  Yes, they are so good to me. Folks gawk when I tell them how many children I have…they see a number.  They don’t see the innumerable blessings.  Hugs, kisses, hearing “I love you” all day, watching them play, hearing them sing, having them write me little notes, and having…

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Tracy / January 16, 2013

The Lord’s generous protection, is all I can say. Matthew had an “incident” with his brother’s airsoft gun this week. Hopefully, we’ll be a little more careful in the future. Lessons are hard. And painful.

Opossum in the Basement!

Tracy / January 10, 2011

Last week, Paul heard a huge crash in the basement. He and the older boys went down to find out what was happening and were met with this little guy having just eaten a little group of eggs and now going after a hen that was sitting on them. I guess we’ll call this their first “homestead defense” experience! Joshua,…

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September 30, 2010

Tracy / September 30, 2010

I *detest* car problems. In 2003, we were hit by another car that totaled our 15 passenger van. Since then, we’ve pretty much been a one car family. Generally, this doesn’t cause too many issues. Paul works an awful lot, but he and I enjoy store trips together each week. (Consider it a purposeful date, LOL!) I’ll tell you, one…

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Mr. B….

Tracy / September 11, 2010

My little boy– how can you not just smile? When we had dinner a few nights back, I looked over to see Ben having popped the sticks out of both corn dogs. He had chopped his up into small pieces and was using the sticks as chopsticks to eat. Little boys are too much fun!

Punishment? Hmmm…

Tracy / September 10, 2010

So one child was found to have taken a piece of gum from his brother’s drawer without asking. I thought it would be a good idea to make him “pay” for this gum by doing work for his older brother….it didn’t work out quite the way I had anticipated. Folding his brother’s film supplies… Does this look like he’s learning…

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August 25, 2010

Tracy / August 25, 2010

Life is just hard sometimes. Last evening, we found these: Ben has been keeping them- a “momento” from his personal chicken. I knew he loved her- his big brothers said that he had been out earlier in the day to place a flower pot with some flowers he had picked where she had died. *sigh* He just seems so young…

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Matthew’s Project

Tracy / August 25, 2010

Matt is always making something with his LEGOS– I caught a pic of his newest helicopter when it landed on the kitchen counter earlier today. (I was cooking lunch, thus the mess! ):

On Chickens and Blessings

Tracy / August 23, 2010

It’s an odd thing to see your sons becoming men. It seems as little boys, you catch a glimpse here and there from time to time. As they age, you see more and more until one day, you realize they ARE men. My, my, how the time has passed. This weekend, was full of precious visitors and sweet memories. We…

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