Sunflowers! I can’t believe that they have sprouted so quickly but here they are! They look like they are going to be healthy little plants. I can’t wait until they are big enough to transfer out of our little temporary home for them, into the yard! Our weekend was good. I worked away on Jessica’s dresses and finally finished the…

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Mosaics Day 1

Monday! I’m dragging today…Paul and I stayed up much too late last night! He was needing to finish the cable project that he’s been working on and I was busy tatting a lace edging for the pantaloons that I made for Jessica (yes, I did finally finish them…I still have Emma’s left to go!). This weekend, Courtney and I managed…

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Leaving a Legacy

Tracy / February 28, 2006

Moving day is almost here! Paul is still working on the final drafts of my permanent blog home. It’s looking really nice…he’s really worked hard. I didn’t get a chance to blog yesterday. We were busy all day, first with the people that came to clean out our septic system and next with me going to a workshop on organizing…

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