Book Review: Night Night, Daddy and Night Night, Mommy

As I prepare for the newest member of our family to arrive in just a little over a week, I’ve been contemplating how to spend my recovery time. Bedtime reading is a particularly relaxing and sweet part of the day since the business of the day is over and we are preparing to rest.

While nursing and snuggling a tiny little one, it also makes a great time for reading to some of my older children and working through the books we keep in our home. Those quiet times reading to the youngest Lamberts on the sofa are special to me. I take a lot of time thinking about our bedtime books.

This month, Tommy Nelson sent me two new board books to read with my children.

I’m really looking forward to sharing these. I think they will make sweet bedtime stories but are well-made so they will be safe for my children to read on their own, as well!

Features of this book:

  • Soft, sweet illustrations
  • Padded, rounded cover
  • Board book
  • Each book is 20 pages long

My favorite was actually Night Night, Daddy.

“As we look up at the moon.
You explain God’s awesome power:
How He hung each shining star,
How He painted every flower.”

What a sweet and meaningful way to end an evening- pointing your children back to God and sharing His stories with them.

When we learn to look at everything around us and know He made each and every one, it also teaches us to be thankful for His many gifts.

From the back of the book:

“Tuck your little ones in for night night with an adorable reminder of a daddy’s love.”

I would love to gift you a set of these books! The first person to leave a comment on my post telling me your favorite bedtime books with your little one wins!

2 thoughts on “Book Review: Night Night, Daddy and Night Night, Mommy

  1. When my oldest two were little, we read The Poky Little Puppy a LOT! Now I share it with THEIR children! 🙂

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